Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

Monday, June 13

Last supper.

Thanks to Scott Hulme for making me look ridiculous during at least one meal every day for the last year. I wouldn't have done it for anyone shorter.

The end.

Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Sunday, June 12


Went to Peet's Coffee for a little afternoon brew. I settled on an iced vanilla latte, as did pretty much everyone else I was there with. The picture just made it look so good...(which it was).

Three Hundred and Sixty-Three

Saturday, June 11


Thin, chewy, mini wafers filled with caramel. I remember getting these in Holland, freshly made and as big around as my head. The already paper-thin wafer is sliced in half and the bottom is smeared with gooey caramel and then the top put back on and served warm. Trader Joe's stocks this adequate but less phenomenal and much tinier knock-off.

Three Hundred and Sixty-Two

Friday, June 10


Roasted chicken breast, stuffed with feta, mozzarella, black olives and Mediterranean herbs. Served with mushroom risotto and parmesan.

Three Hundred and Sixty-One

Thursday, June 9

Hot dog.

Pan-fried to perfection, with mustard, ketchup and dill relish in a whole wheat bun. Served with French fries, baby bell peppers and baby carrots.

Three Hundred and Sixty

Wednesday, June 8

Egg drop soup.

Haha, I really love this stuff. This time in a restaurant, which is my preference. Took this picture with my phone. I don't like corn very much but smuggled into egg drop soup is one of the few times I really don't mind it. Probably because I'm distracted by the fact that I'm eating such amazing soup.

Three Hundred and Fifty-Nine

Tuesday, June 7


Girls' night with Amber, Jen, Jess & Alysia. Highlights included Kevin Bacon opening his car door directly in our line of driving, stepping out in his skinny suit, his hair glimmering in the sun, and flashing a smile that seemed to say, "I love girls' night, you ladies look fantastic." Oh, and also this mojito.

Actually it was really tasty, with freshly squeezed cane juice in all its deliciousness.